Translating the above statement for those of us that don’t speak Dutch – “the old is new.” I have come to understand that some words and phrases just don’t translate well. When reading translations from Dutch to English there are times when you just have to laugh. The title to this post fortunately reads just fine. Later in my post there will be a few links to Oud Terneuzen if you are interested in a bit of history. Remember not everything translates in the correct order so do a little rearranging in your brain and it will sound just fine.

Normally Kris and I stay here in Terneuzen at the Golden Tulip L’Escaut. Always in the same room because this particular room has a sliding glass door which accesses a roof top balcony. The location is right across the street from the water too. Only once have we stayed elsewhere and it was because everything in town was booked for months ahead. The Hampshire is the other hotel and it is nice also with a sauna and indoor pool. I am actually renting my bicycle from there this week.

When Kris checked to make reservations for this trip two months ago she found everything booked in town except for this place in old Terneuzen. Here is a link for where we are staying with a bit of background –

Kris found the cottage on instead of Airbnb for this leg of our journey. Here are a few photos that I have taken as I have explored the immediate vicinity.


The ladder is sturdy and thank goodness I overcame my fear of heights a few years ago.


We have to pull down the ladder every evening to sleep in the loft.


Uh oh, all of our baggage sitting outside. Not quite Rick Steve’s style…


One of the many old cannons that can be found here in the most unlikely places.


A rather dark picture looking out the door from inside.


The bathroom is tiny. It is a chore to make sure all of the water is squeegeed towards the drain but it is efficient and meets our needs.


Looking down Kandeelstraat 11 from in front of our door. Another piece of sculptureĀ  found all around Terneuzen.


Here a link translated to English about Oud Terneuzen.

The name Terneuzen comes from Ter Nose back in more ancient times when the area we are staying in was part of the old fortress. What is interesting is many of the residents here are unaware of Oud Terneuzen. I have ridden a bicycle through the alleys and streets surrounding us and wasn’t aware either.

Tonight Kris and I have reservations at the little bistro next door, Bistro Bonne Foi at Tuinpad 22-24. A colleague of Kris’ said it will be a nice experience.

Bistro Bonne Foi

Bistro Bonne Foi

One of the oldest buildings here built by Van Rampu. There is a house and stables for horses. The horses were used to haul the boats along the canal Ghent-Terneuzen.

One of the oldest buildings here built by Van Rampu. Originally a house and stables for horses now a theatre and cafe. The horses hauled the boats along the canal Ghent-Terneuzen.

Last but not least, my desk with the beautiful blooms this country is famous for!

Last but not least, my desk with the beautiful blooms this country is famous for!

I hope I have not bored you today. If the links don’t work let me know and I will get them to you. I am off for another bicycle ride and pick up some laundry. Have a wonderful day and till tomorrow,

Doei (plus three kisses)