When we left Terneuzen in the Netherlands and drove to Karlsruhe, Germany. One of Kris’s co-workers, Eric, drove us to Karlsruhe. There were four of us- Eric, Kris, Mi, and me. We terrorized Eric with all kinds of interesting topics such as pink cows, flowers, food, and politics. He later told me that he loved it as he didn’t have to talk shop with the boys if he’d been in the the car with them. Besides, Eric has a wife and daughters so he is used to our type of chatter. Mi, Kris’s other co-worker that rode with us is from Catalonia in the country of Spain. DOW has a plant there and we hope to one day visit there also.

We arrived in Karlsruhe late that afternoon and checked into the swanky Karlsruhe Marriot about 4 pm. Kris had to go meet the work crew for dinner leaving me alone to ponder dinner. I decided to order room service since I knew I would be exploring the city at great lengths the next day. I hadn’t had much to eat that day though we did stop at a typical German truck stop on the way there that was connected to a Burger King (had a Whopper Jr.) and really cool toilets (see picture below- they are self cleaning and rotate). I ordered too much food. My dinner consisted of a Flammkuchen (German pizza with onions, cheese, and delicious bits of Black Forest ham), one-half of a killer cheeseburger, and a few fries. Mostly I took pictures of the food because I could.

The next morning left alone to knock about on my own, I set off for the Schloss Karlsruhe (palace), Stadtgarden (botanical gardens), and just meandered around the city. I didn’t have any breakfast so I found a local brewery to have an early lunch and try their superb beer. This is the link for Der Vogelbrau- http://www.vogelbraeu.de/ if you are interested in this type of activity. See pics below of my lunch. I picked up a few souvenirs to have shipped back. I imagine they will show up in a week or two. The mail post is a bit of work when sending items from Europe due to US customs and rules. One package finally made it here on Saturday the day we came home. It took two weeks from the Netherlands.

I am going to load the pictures onto this post and hope you can see what a pretty city Karlsruhe is since it was one of my favorites. I probably don’t have to tell you that I walked everywhere that day totaling quite a bit of mileage since I didn’t have time to figure out the city metro system which is very efficient. And yes, my feet and legs got a heck of a workout. Europe is a great place to get in shape. Below is the palace called the castle by some of the locals,  fabulous botanical city gardens that I walked around for two hours, the biergarten, the pyramid holding the ashes of Margrave Karl Wilhelm, a store with my last name on it, and various pictures I took while wandering. I also included a picture of Kris and her co-workers that I took when we went out later that night.  Great city. Clean, beautiful, and nice friendly people. Except for the poor girl I must have scared to death when I tried to ask questions about finding the post office. I think she thought I was going to rob her or something even though I approached her carefully. Win some, lose some. The next post will be of our farewell to Germany and onward to Italy.

Till then,



Ashes are inside the crypt of Margrave Karl Wilhelm

Schloss Karlsruhe


Loved this fountain

See Meyer name up there?

My lunch at Der Vogel

Biergarten in back of Der Vogel

Pretty trees in garden

One of dozens of streets I walked that day.

My fabulous flammkuchen!

DOW people- Not in order but here they are: Erin from Canada, Erik Jahn & Eric from the Netherlands, Paul and Kris from USA, and Mi from Catalonia.

View from our room. Meant to go climb the steps but ran out of time and energy.

And last but not least- the efficient toilets in Germany. See how the seats rotate?