It’s been a long time since I have blogged. Life exploded as it tends to do and somehow quite a few trips were left on the back burner with the memo to myself “Oh, I’ll catch up eventually.” Well, I haven’t but here are some current pics of our time in Florida since Friday.

As you can we’ve been quite busy visiting with Kris’ family around the New Smyrna area. We’ve climbed the lighthouse at Ponce de Leon Inlet, walked on the beaches every day, had fabulous fresh seafood here and there, visited a flea market or two, went in search of alligators basking in the sun and instead found the manatees. I chashed Woody Woodpecker all around the McGarvey family place and eventually got a decent picture. Kathy made us do an Easter egg hunt early since we wouldn’t be here for Easter Sunday. We even had lunch with a white Ibis guest named Joey.


Now we’re down in Key Largo to visit Camp Pennekamp to snorkel and relax. I will apologize ahead of time for any commentary that is wonky but I am doing this on my phone. Just be patient while I find my groove.

Till next time,