Not really but I imagine that is what Ina the Airedale thought.

As most of you know when I am in Germany I visit with my friend Ursula in Bad Dürkheim which is usually a 50 minute train ride from Karlsruhe. This year Deutsche Bahn has suffered through seven railroad strikes since September. Ursula alerted me to the fact that a new strike might affect my chances of getting to her town or making it back to Karlsruhe so I decided to rent a car to make my journey. It worked out great and took less time, maybe 35 minutes and I arrived in Bad Dürkheim to spend two wonderful days trekking around the countryside. Below are a few pictures of the vineyards and mountainside where we hiked with Ina each day.




Two days is just not enough and next time Kris and I both hope we can spend more time in Bad Dürkheim with Ursula and Ina.

Next post will be about our travels in Spain. Have a great day!