Or no gas in my water, please!

“wit Kohlensäure” means with carbonation/bubbles/gas and “naturelle ohne Kohlensäure” means none. At least that is how I interpret it when I am buying water in the shops here in Karlsruhe. I won’t even go into the chore of buying water with no bubbles in the other countries we have visited. I am like the character in Dr. Seuss’ book “Green Eggs and Ham.”  I do not like fizz in my water, my mouth thinks it is a bother. Yeah, I can’t rhyme but you get the gist.


Something I do like is the price of one of my favorite candies-the Ritter Sport Pfefferminz. Under a dollar and sometimes closer to fifty cents (euro). I also like the bubbles in prosecco!

I am sure you noticed my German language book. I carry it along with me just in case I am having a hard time communicating. Hard to imagine but sometimes my Texas accent inhibits the correct pronunciation of the few words I know in German.


Spring has gotten an early start here in Karlsruhe. Flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting foliage, and the lilac bushes serenade me with their fragrance daily as I walk through the streets of the city.


Last night we went for a walk looking for something different to eat besides traditional German fare. We found a hamburger joint popular with the locals advertising freshly ground beef. Kris and I ordered the single burger but the Dutchman ordered the next to largest burger on the menu. I believe he said that he was still hungry after consuming the biggest burger I have ever seen in my life.


Betcha he goes back tonight to get another one.

There is a train workers strike here in Germany. I had planned on taking a local train to go see my friend Ursula and her Airedale Ina in Bad Dürkheim but instead I have rented a car. This will insure my return on Friday to Karlsruhe so Kris and I can leave for Majorca (Mallorca) Saturday morning. Pictures will be taken of my visit with Ursula but I imagine any posts to the blog will have to wait until Spain.

So until then-



P.S. – the beer is still fantastic here in Deutschland.