Pretend that the pictures below are postcards. We are here in Karlsruhe, Germany at the Kubler Hotel with really bad internet service so this is a quick post to show you what we did at the end of the week in Terneuzen. Every afternoon here I can pick up some internet service (that we pay for believe it or not) and I will get off an update. Short and sweet.


The owners at Bistro Bonne Foi where Kris and I had dinner one night last week in oud Terneuzen before we left for Germany. Nice little restaurant with excellent service and delicious food prepared almost in front of you.


Original outside wall from small alley that used to separate this building from another one. The owners decided to save it when they extended the size of the restaurant by a few feet.


CuliNeuze, a wine and tapas owned by Peggy (also works at DOW) in oud Terneuzen. This lady knows her wines and local beer. Also on the wall is a tapas type menu so you can have a delicious snack while marveling at all of the vintage odds and ends. Highly recommended!


Not a great picture but the music was fantastic. One of the performers is renowned and award winning harmonica player in the Netherlands. He and his wife own the cottage Kris and I rented while there.


On Saturday Kris and I drove over to Antwerp to meet one of her colleagues for dinner. After walking around for awhile we had dinner at “Het Vermoeide Model” at 7:30. The restaurant is quaint and built right up against the wall of the cathedral. There are three levels with extremely steep stairs which were fun to navigate when needing to go to the ladies room before leaving. The very top floor was closed off due to high winds where when open there is said to be a spectacular view of cathedral and the city.


The towering Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp. In order to do it justice I need a bigger and better camera. You get the idea though.


This is probably the most beautiful train stations in the world.

Till next time- Auf Wiedersehen!