We arrived last Friday night and the guys we rented an apartment loft from on Airbnb sent a car to pick us up from the airport. Much better than taking the Metro like the first time we visited Rome. It is really hard to roll luggage on the cobblestone streets here and if there are any hills it just gets harder.


The driver didn’t speak any English but was friendly and drove like a maniac (but it appears all of the other Romans do also) to our address here on Via Giovanni Lanza. One of the roads he cut down is the Via Appia Antica where I spotted some of the signs for various catacombs. We arrived safely but I swear there is no way I will ever drive in Rome. Walking and the Metro is good enough for me. Gabriele met us at the entry to the Colosseo – White Shadows Loft.


Bedroom down the hall is in the former brick baking oven. Nice and cozy with no street noise.


For those of you that have never used Airbnb it is a website that Kris and I have used since we first came to Europe in 2012. Our first rental through the site was a houseboat on a quiet little canal in Amsterdam where the swans swam up to our kitchen window every morning.  Since then we have rented a fabulous 2nd floor of a huge house in Vista, California with views of the mountains on one side and the Pacific on the other. You can set filters as to how much you want to pay, where, when, almost any type of amenities you require, and read reviews from previous guests. It is the bomb and we highly recommend trying it if you haven’t.

Enough of the free plug for Airbnb and I’ll get on to the post. We chose the Monti neighborhood because it is close to the Colosseum, The Roman Forum, and the metro is easily accessible. There is also a nice little grocery about 5 minutes away and with a kitchen we can have breakfast and coffee on our time in the mornings. We stayed in this neighborhood the first visit at a bed and breakfast and while it was okay we like this much better.

The weather was great on Saturday but I think Rome is as contrary as our part of coastal Texas. One minute the sun is shining and the chill isn’t too bad and the next minute it is “raindrops keep falling on my head” time. No matter, we have had a fantastic visit and haven’t melted yet. Not made of sugar!


Spanish steps. We walked to other side on the right and climbed very steep sets of stairs after we ate a nice lunch. Forgot about the elevator.


The Piazza del Popolo was packed with young people. Apparently, Metallica was in town for a concert Saturday night. They had to rock on without us…


Our view while walking down the Via Appia Antica. Not so sure about the title “Queen of Roads.” Makes for some hard walking…


It was an impressive stroll that afternoon.


Have a drink, the water is refreshing.


A girl in a swing sculpture


Sunshine on another sculpture in the gardens.





Noisy Ring-necked Parakeets in the trees on the grounds of the villa.


Ruins found on the site.


After our wanderings on Sunday we went to a weekend farmers market and picked up various salami’s, cheese, olive oil, and local wine.


Circo Maximo on our walk back market to the Metro.


Loving the shape of the greenery.


The ruins around the corner from our apartment at night.


Sweets for the sweet…


We went back to the Trevi fountain to throw a coin in since it worked last time to guarantee we’d come back to Rome.


Old and not so old mixes well together.


Rain in Rome is better than rain while at home


Our goal is to go see the moon shining through the Pantheon’s oculas tonight.


Thought one or two of our friends would appreciate this motorcycle carved of wood.


Only Pinocchio knows!


The beauty of an artichoke.


Alimento è amore.


Gelato at Palazzo del Freddo Giovanni Fassi- the oldest gelato factory in Rome.



A late night glass of the local vino with the monks on the shelf in our apartment.


The tomb of St. Sebastian is in the basilica but his original resting place was in the catacombs underneath it that we toured yesterday.


No pictures are allowed in the catacombs but that is okay. It was a gorgeous sunshiny day outside. Happy to be alive!


Porta Maggiore on the hunt for aquaduct ruins.


Santa Maria Maggiore is behind us in this picture. We went into the church last time we were here.

That concludes this post of pictures for now. Today we are going to see the ruins of Ostia Antica, ancient Rome’s seaport, abandoned when Rome fell. They say it is better than Pompeii with less crowds and only 30 minutes on the Metro from the center of Rome. We’ll let you know.

Till then-