We were there and now we are gone. To Italy but I will get to that part of our trip in another post. The weather was chilly in the little DOW town because of the winds blowing in off the North Sea. It rained every day but not so much that I couldn’t get on my bicycle and ride for a bit to get some fresh air and get out of the hotel room. Not that I am complaining. I like Terneuzen and am familiar with my regular haunts there. It is a small enough town that I can ride from one end to the other in an hour or less depending on the wind. I figure when I am riding against the wind I am working off calories so I don’t feel too guilty about eating the delicious puddingbroodjes that are one of my favorite things to eat in The Netherlands.


Yes. I bought two of them. One for after my bike ride and the other for breakfast the next morning.


This is where you go to buy the best in Terneuzen. My opinion, of course, but I have tried 5 different places and these win hands down. It is next to the Albert Heijn grocery in case you ever visit.

Another of my favorite things- see pic below.


When you get back from riding your bicycle  in the frigid air you can take a swim in the bathtub. The Dutch seem to have the longest tubs I have ever seen.


I taught myself to crochet after Christmas and finally finished my first scarf in the hotel room. With the weather not cooperating for longer rides while in Terneuzen I started working on a second scarf.


I made friends. The ducks enjoyed the bread I brought to them at lunch time every day. This day turned out to be sunny until late afternoon.


One of my bike paths depending on how cold the wind is blowing.


Usually I eat sandwiches for lunch that I make myself at the hotel when in Terneuzen but on Wednesday’s there is a market in the town centre. I usually opt for fish caught locally, fired to order, and take it with me to go see my friends. This is two of the merchants at the fried fish stall in the market. I think they must be really nice people to put up with all my questions about the variety of fish in their case and to let me snap their photo.


I did not share my fish with my friends. They had to make do with bread.


I always have bad hair days when we are in Terneuzen. Can you guess why? Something to do with these funky hairdryers at the Golden Tulip. Otherwise it is a lovely place to stay.


Almost forgot. When we arrived Kris and I visited this store on Sunday. No- it is not what you think. It is a high-end furniture store and on the 2nd floor there were kitchen designs with SieMatic products. More good ideas for our remodel.


In case you have forgotten what I look like.


Reservations for our last night at De Tollebol. Kris, Eric, and I went on Thursday night. It is a small place, maybe 6 tables total with the best ribs in the world. I swear. The lady who owns it could give all the Texans I know a run for their money in cooking spareribs.

Here is the link so if you are ever in Terneuzen, go there but don’t forget to make a reservation- http://www.detollebol.nl/

So that concludes our week in Terneuzen. Not really very eventful but it was nice downtime for me. Not so much for Kris but she did get a lot accomplished work-wise with our favorite Dutchman.

We drove to Eindhoven to catch our plane on Friday. The airport is similar in size to Hobby in Houston but easier to maneuver.


At the airport getting ready to go through security so we can go to Rome.

So until I post again, Tot ziens!