Just a little background for those of you that are late to the party. As many of you know Kris and I are owned by Bentley Beargrass Meyer-McGarvey, an Airedale that turned 11 in January. I also have to mention our Roux, an Airedale-mix that we saved from imminent death through the encouragement of fellow rescuer Ellana from Texas Airedale Rescue Team in Houston, Walter the consummate Chihuahua that thinks he is an Airedale, and Bridgette the oldest Basset Hound mix in the world. We love our dogs. What else can I say? No breed is better than another.

I love the Airedale breed and through this love I met Ursula and Ina in a fund raising project for Airedale rescue. People from around the world vote on a daily basis to win $1000 grants through the Shelter Challenge at the Animal Rescue Site. Ursula and Keith (from London) are two of the biggest cheerleaders for winning these grants and trust me they do a lot of work to drum up votes. Big thanks to the both of them!

Last spring when we were in Germany I got to meet and visit with Ursula and Ina twice. Same thing this visit but an added bonus was that Kris got to meet them also the first weekend we arrived. Lot’s of fun and wonderful food too!

Ursula jokes that she is Ina’s housemaid and if you spent any time with them you would understand. Ina is energy in motion. She never stops. I wish I had the amount of energy that Ina has. Ursula isn’t too shabby either. They go for walks through the local vineyards and explore the mountainside every day. Ina loves to eat apples and pears from the trees when they are full of fruit. She chases the field mice and sometimes it appears she just might dig down to China in search of one. Ursula and Ina meet up with lots of canine friends on these walks and have great fun together.

I took the train last Friday to go visit with Ursula and Ina one more time before we left the Deutschland for the Netherlands. It was a wonderful day and I look forward to coming back to visit with Ina and her housemaid!


A game that Ina plays is with her ball in the grass between the rows of vines. Well, she is also obsessed with field mice.


The great tunnel to china starts.




Whose chair is it? Not the housemaids!


I delivered presents of sketches that Cheryl did in her art class after meeting Ursula and Ina last spring.


Ina is a smart one…trying to pick up her basket of toys.


Ursula left me with Ina while she went to get cake. Ina wouldn’t leave the stoop the whole time Ursula was gone. She would look up at me on the stairs but she wanted her housemaid. I was a poor substitute!


Let’s play ball!

I am always sad when it comes time to leave from such wonderful visits with Ursula and Ina. Kris says when we come back to Germany next time we will stay longer in Bad Dürkheim. I can’t wait!

To Ursula,  Ein herzliches Dankeschön. You are a wonderful lady and friend. And Ina, you are my other favorite Airedale in the world. Till next time…