I figure most of you must think that I have lost my mind when you read the title of this post but let me assure you it is still intact. Overwhelmed but intact. Kris and I have been discussing remodeling our kitchen for awhile now and have decided to do the deed this spring. We have been in awe of the kitchen designs we’ve seen here in Europe at various friends homes. Efficiency rules. Storage and more counter space. Appliances hidden away but easily accessible. I have actually veered away from the homey style to a more modern look. Not completely minimalist though.

So Wednesday last week in Karlsruhe I decided to catch a taxi to a part of town I know nothing about to check out the kitchen design stores. The walk would have taken me an hour and half to reach my destinations and a taxi seemed smart though I spent more euros than I intended. The part of town the kitchen design stores are in is fairly industrial- not too many sidewalks and the train/bus schedule confused me. I had also found a large pet store in this area where I wanted to pick up something fun for Ina for when I saw her on Friday. After the pet store I walked to my initial destination. A kitchen design store with a great name- Grimm Küchen. The store associate at the Grimm Küchen was very helpful and allowed me to take pictures for later on when Kris and I need inspiration for our kitchen design style. In my wanderings, I found the equivalent of a German Home Depot/Lowes but as the afternoon was growing old quickly I decided to check out the German’s version of an Ikea style store called MOMAX. Yep- almost an Ikea which we have in Houston. I did get a few pics of their kitchens also.

Here are a few pics of my wanderings that day:


My German wasn’t sufficient to chat with the employees so we made do with pantomime and minimal words. Nice store!


Can you see the “Slow the hund down when he is eating bowls” on the two lower shelves? I need one of these for the Roux.


Also a few of these Bionic toys…


Seriously strong hund crates. I think you could keep the incredible hulk in one of these babies.


Grimm Küchen way over there. No pedestrian crossings nor sidewalks but I was determined.


Liked this a lot. It has my corner cabinet that comes up and out for easy access. The neutral color is nice too.


Not too shabby either.


I don’t care for the flowers but the color of the cabinets caught my eye. The question is- will we get tired of it after a while?


Nice contrast with not too much white.


MOMAX store


I keep going back to the grey. Do you see the vent hood and how it is tilted? That is for the tall person so they will not bump their head. Hmm…


My camera couldn’t get a clear picture of this one but it is the nicest blue.


Rug selection at MOMAX similar to IKEA.


Contemplated trying to catch a train or bus back but in the end decided another taxi would do.

I won’t bore you anymore with my kitchen fantasies but I just had to share. Till next time!