I don’t even have to ask if you know where we are again. Another work trip for Kris and some more knockin’ about for me. This part of Germany is beginning to feel quite comfortable and I have to admit I don’t get lost much anymore here in Karlsruhe. But it could happen so I’ll try not to jinx myself.

We left Texas last Friday on a day that Mother Nature decided to blast us with a chilly freeze which prepared us for our time here in Europe. The weather here hasn’t been too cold until today with the temperature reaching a high of 45 and tonight hitting about 28 again. The funny thing is that weather reports from home tell me that our part of Texas got slammed again yesterday and right now in Lake Jackson it is about 32 degrees. Glad I covered all my plants before I left.

So- our flight brought us in to Frankfurt on Saturday about noon, we grabbed the rental car, and drove on the autobahn (one of my favorite things to do) to the town where my friend Ursula and her faithful sidekick, Ina, live. We checked into the Hotel Marktschänke in Bad Dürkheim where we were each given a glass of one of the regional wines while the owner/manager (from Karlsruhe) called Ursula so we could plan to meet later after we had taken a nap.


Nice place to stay with easy walk to my friends house.


When we woke up from our nap, this was the view from our balcony.

Kris hadn’t had a chance to meet Ursula and Ina when we were here last spring. We had a lovely time visiting with them on Saturday night and Sunday day. Ursula is the ultimate hostess and fixed us a fantastic dinner and we all (except for Ina) drank some delicious wine from the Deutsche Weinstrasse. Needless to say, we  slept well that first night.


Ina greeting Kris with one of her toys!

On Sunday morning we walked over to Ursula’s and enjoyed a fabulous breakfast with lots of coffee. I think I was having caffeine withdrawals since I hadn’t imbibed any since Friday. After breakfast Ursula took us sightseeing to the ruined monastery of Limburg near Bad Dürkheim.


Way up on the mountain…


Still beautiful. Concerts are held here when the weather is nice but my friend tells me the acoustics could use some help.


Guess who?


Nothing but drop outside that window.


And more exploring by Ina.


Wouldn’t you like to grill some hotdogs and hamburgers on this?


And don’t forget the view.

Next we headed over to one of Ursula and Ina’s favorite walking routes in a vineyard. There are some Roman ruins there from many years ago. I think this might have made a nice location for a house. Oh but it did once upon a time…


The ruins are quite a walk from where we parked the car.

Then what did we see but hairy creatures in the distance that were too big to be dogs.


What can that be?


Let there be Llama’s. What a fun tour for the children, huh? I thought so. Ina wasn’t too sure.

We went to the saline also known as the graduation tower, known locally as Saline. It is part of Bad Dürkheim’s spa facilities. “With a length of some 330 m, it is one of the biggest of its kind in Germany.” I visited it back in the spring when there were more tourists but since people come from all around to visit the spa facilities for health reasons it stays fairly busy.


Kris was fascinated by the Saline. Of course!


The Saline from another angle.

After we walked around the Saline park area we headed back to the house but first a stop for cake. I love cake. Actually, who doesn’t love cake?


Just “Yum.”

Sadly, the day was growing old and Kris and I had to get a move on to Karlsruhe before it turned dark. So we said our goodbyes and left our friends to get back on the autobahn. I will be taking the train back to Bad Dürkheim on Friday to spend the day with Ursula and Ina but Kris must stay and work in Karlsruhe.

I’ll catch you up on this week so far tomorrow. So until then-