Well, maybe not a proper story. This post will be more like a bunch of pictures from our trip with a bit of dialogue about each one. I have to admit that I also thought I might finish the Kauai blog in this post but due to an excessive amount of pictures I want to share there will be a part three.

On Tuesday morning, Kris and I along with our friends Rachel and Marlene had scheduled a helicopter tour for the Na’Pali coast. We arrived at Jack Harter Helicopters, got a briefing on safety, what to expect, and mostly on what not to do. This included the instructions to “Not” put your arm out the door-less flying machine when overcome by the awesomeness of the islands terrain when you are a passenger of a helicopter. This action could lead to your arm being snapped back and broken. This news led me to come to the conclusion that my seat-belt harness and the “Oh #^%” handle would be my best friend while in the air.

We split into flying groups of four according to weights and shuttled to the airstrip shortly after the briefing. Our friends were called first to line for their flight.

Hawaii 236

Marlene goes first…

Hawaii 242

Rachel went second

After the girls flew away for their tour, our group lined up next and Kris was called over to the helicopter. But- when Kris went to climb in the crew noticed something was not right with the landing gear so our flight was delayed and rescheduled for 3:00 that afternoon. Our group was disappointed but the Jack Harter Helicopter Company refunded us our fuel charge and we toured the Na’Pali coast that afternoon.

Hawaii 530

And away we flew

Hawaii 540

Waterfalls everywhere

Hawaii 518

Obviously no doors

Hawaii 558

Blue water

Hawaii 564

Gorgeous coastline

Hawaii 557

Pacific in the background

Hawaii 587

Speechless for most of the trip.

Hawaii 593

We snorkeled in most of the coral reefs below over the week we were in Kauai.

Hawaii 614

We went through some rain eventually

Hawaii 603

The waterfalls after a rain storm pop up all over the mountain range.

Hawaii 562

Crazy hikers are actually on a tiny little trail in this area.

Hawaii 626

We had driven to these falls on Sunday but from the air it gives you a whole different perspective.

Hawaii 561

We actually saw this hole twice. The second time was later in the week on our snorkeling trip on Thursday.

Hawaii 578

Our pilot chatted us up on the history and geological information about the island as he piloted the helicopter. One of his favorite things to do was chase the numerous rainbows. He told us that he never tired of the chase though he realized he’d never catch one.

Hawaii 636

The ending of a fabulous flight!

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll will be back with more pictures of our holiday in Kauai soon. Have a great day!