Karlsruhe Botanical Gardens when the sky isn’t crying

At least that is what my friend Ursula says when it rains here in Germany. It is Friday the 17th and we have been back in Karlsruhe since last Sunday night. Tomorrow morning we will catch an ICE train to Frankfort Airport and fly home. I know we are tired of hotel rooms, eating out, and missing the 4-legged’s that give us so much joy.

It has also turned cold again with the rain which has put a slight damper on my knockin’ about Karlsruhe the last few days. Regardless of getting drenched every day because I don’t have enough sense to carry an umbrella and yes, I have one (they are a pain to carry around when it is not raining) I managed to visit my favorite little brew house three times this week. I discovered white asparagus, love it, and found out Der Vogelbrau serves some mighty fine soups- one of them being asparagus and the other a leek and I can’t decide which I like better. Doesn’t really matter when it is chilly enough to wear a wool sweater and scarf as either of them will do.

I know some of you would like to see more pictures and I am aware that I haven’t finished Ireland yet but I promise to do so next week when I am home comfortably in my computer chair at my desk with a dog or two at my feet.

It has been a fantastic adventure this trip. I made two new friends, one here in Germany and the other from Houston here with her daughter. Kris and I spent time with our favorite Dutchman. We met his lovely family, had a nice walk on the beach, and enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal.

So until next time- love and hugs,