You would think this is the right time of year for the bulb flowers to be bloomin’ fools- right? No. This has been one of the coldest spring seasons in something like 66 years according to one of Kris’ Dow colleagues. There was even snow on the ground two weeks ago in Terneuzen which is almost unheard of in these parts.

But as you know we have also had strange weather in the Houston area. The day before we left I was wearing shorts and t-shirt mowing the yard. The day we left I put on a jacket so I wouldn’t get chilled.

Back to Holland and the flowers. We arrived in Amsterdam on Friday morning and had sufficiently recovered sleep wise from a nap so we walked around our hotel neighborhood that evening. Our hotel was on the outskirts of the red light district by the main train station. We planned it this way so we could hop the train back to the airport for our rental car on Sunday morning and drive to Terneuzen. It worked out quite nice without any hassle dragging the luggage too far.

Saturday morning we got up, had a bite for breakfast, and walked over to the Nemo, an interactive science museum. We had to wait for it to open at 10am but the nice Dutch girl let us in so we could get warm. I have a few pictures but won’t post them quite yet. I am still trying to sort out my devices. Bear with me or as I like to say- dig in your pocket for some patience!

Later the same day we went to tour Amsterdam’s museum, Our Lord in the Attic- a 17th-century canal house where  local Catholics worshiped discreetly in the attic church. This was when the city passed into Protestant rule during the 16th/17th century and the local Cathedral “Oude Kirk” had been taken over at the alteration.  We had a nice dinner at a little Italian place and went to bed fairly early so we could get out of Amsterdam early Sunday.

Bright and early Sunday morning we boarded the train, rented the car and drove out with the expectations of seeing flowers blooming in the fields. We did see a half dozen or so fields filled with narcissus and hyacinth- mostly varying shades of yellow with a bit of purple here and there but no tulips yet. The Keukenhof is famous for their gardens, greenhouses, and bulb fields but it is still too early for the tulips due to cold weather. I didn’t want to waste time nor money on seeing them at their minimal best so we will hope for warmer weather to arrive and go visit the Keukenhof later.

When we reached the border of the Zeeland area, Kris and I took a side trip over to the Delta Works which is an amazing feat of engineering. Here is a link for you check out if you’d like-

It explains how the Dutch dealt with the storms and flooding from the North Sea that pushed in to their inlets causing much destruction back in the day. We could use some of this expertise in the hurricane prone areas of the US south, I think.

So now we are here in Terneuzen for Kris’ first work week. I promise to upload pictures and more tedious commentary.

Till then,

Karen Raye