Yes, I know it has been almost a month since we arrived home here in Lake Jackson but time flew and the post for our last days in Italy had to wait. Finally here it is- do I hear a drum roll?- probably not because in order to really experience what we saw in Rome, you’d have to go experience it yourself. Pictures cannot do it justice even if you are a professional photographer. The places we visited leave you with a certain feeling that cannot be described properly with mere words. Maybe if you speak one of the romantic languages and I don’t. My Texas accent tends to slaughter the French and Italian languages and my German is quite laughable I’ve been told.

So please forgive the quality of photographs and try to visit Rome one day. My suggestion is to take at least a week and savor the city slowly because there is a lot more to it than beautiful old churches and museums. It isn’t just the fabulous food, shopping, or exciting hustle and bustle either though all of that adds to Rome’s ambiance. I do know that Kris and I will go back to knock about the streets of Rome late at night when all the other tourists are tucked into their beds and the city streets are as close to empty as they’ll ever be.

We roamed the streets in our neighborhood at night, discovered quaint little alley streets, and incredible old ruins by the Roman Forum that are still in the process of being excavated. When we were overwhelmed and disoriented in the late night darkness, we came across a friendly Italian policeman that gave us directions out of the dark shadows of half broken, ancient statues gleaming in the ghostly moonlight. On our evening strolls, we spotted young lovers lingering under the canopies of trees and passed others lost in deep conversations leaning against old Doric columns. These memories are some of my favorite of Rome.


Ancient Colosseum a few blocks from our hotel

Just another wonderful lunch in Rome

The Roman Forum

Light in the center of the Pantheon

In the Pantheon. Told you we weren’t great photographers!

Yummy gelato everywhere.

Piazza Navona

One of many paintings in the Museo di Roma.

Ceiling fresco with Egyptian flair.

Fountains galore. This one is in a courtyard of Vatican City.

One of the many rooms one must go through on the way to the Sistine Chapel.

Another gorgeous fresco. You are allowed to take pictures without flash while perusing your way to the Sistine Chapel but not in the actual chapel itself.

No one tells you how long it takes to get to the Sistine Chapel and how many hallways and steps you must climb. The crowds were disturbing in that they were so caught up in getting to the main chapel they didn’t look up and study the beauty surrounding them.

Interesting sculptures abound. Just a though- wouldn’t it be wonderful to work as a security guard because it would enable you to walk the halls after hours without the maddening crowds.

View from a window.

Exiting the Vatican Museum.

A man playing his accordion on the subway reminded us of our friend Lindy.

After we went shopping at a street fair for leather sandals and shoes, we found this beautiful church and explored it too.

Really big doors at the entrance.

The second visit to Vatican City to climb to the top of St.Peter’s Basilica. We went the next day at 7am to avoid the crowds.

Mosaic on the walls in the dome.

Up on the roof.


Ossuary beneath the Santa Maria della Immacolata Concezione on Via Veneto near Piazza Barberini. No pictures are allowed. We visited the Cappuchin Museum and then walked through the Capuchuni Bone Chapel. Interesting. Google it online if you want more information on this strangeness.


Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini is currently under renovation.


Packed up and not ready to come home!


Kris and I intend on another post or two regarding our impressions on our first time in Europe but it may be another week or two. If you are interested, be patient. And…we just learned a few days ago that we will be traveling back to the Netherlands and Germany soon. The tentative schedule looks like it may be over the Christmas holiday for a few weeks and then sometime next year again. I have to say that I am tickled pink. Maybe we will get to see those pink cows. I’ll keep you posted!

Till next time,