I believe some of you are interested in the various food experiences we’ve had while here in Europe. First let me give you a little background info on Kris’s eating habits. She is from a family that raised beef in Pennsylvania and they are mostly of Irish heritage. So- meat and potato girl she is. Kris hardly eats anything that is green. Iceberg lettuce and skinny asparagus. She likes raw carrots, onions sauteed to a complete translucent state, and loves homemade tomato sauce where the sauce has been cooked down for so many hours it is smooth. I have introduced her to various fish dishes over the last few years and she actually likes fish now. Needless to say, I will try anything once as long as it is not still alive or smells disgusting. Unlike that guy on one of the food network shows that tries everything all over the world, I use discretion in what I will put into my mouth. Also, I know that there are proper terms for some of the different food items we have tasted over here but I am not Julia Child and do not have her vocabulary, just her taste buds.

Good bier!

Many of you know one of my favorite things to do is check out the local grocery stores to get an idea of what the locals buy and eat. Another reason is that you just get tired of eating out and if there is a refrigerator in your hotel room, you can buy wonderful deli meats and cheeses here in Europe that are usually a rare splurge at home. I noticed that the French soft cheeses  normally costing a small fortune can be had here for a couple of Euros’ and the breads are incredible. The best thing is you can buy just a half loaf so you don’t feel so wasteful when you are ready to try another variety. The produce we’ve bought at little markets we’ve ventured upon are locally grown and quite nice. Tomatoes taste like tomatoes. You know what I’m talking about. I grow my own every year so I can say it. I am a tomato snob. There- I’ve said it. So, on to the foodie stuff. Pictures, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Butcher shop in Vianden

Sadly there have been times when I just forgot to get my camera out and snap a shot before the dish had been dug into. It happens easily when you are off your regular meal times due to problems with local customary eating habits. So even though you’re not going to starve to death because you’ve missed a meal or two, when the meal shows up at your table you just dig in with gusto. But I did manage to get a few pics of some of the delightful items we have tried while we’ve been here in Europe…Enjoy and I’ll be back soon! Karen

Cherry tart in Belgium

Meat stall at the market in Brugge

Potatoes, hams, sausages, chickens. Meat lovers paradise.

Raspberries are as large as the cherries.

Now that’s a happy waffle smile!

Steamed mussels in wine