Another quick update on where we are now. The Cathedral in Cologne is the first thing we saw when we walked out of the train station. It was Assumption Day and the crowds were beginning to form so we took an hour to experience the beauty of the Gothic architecture before we took off in our rental car.
I was a little nervous about driving a stick for the first time in awhile especially on the infamous autobahn but it went rather smoothly once I got my bearings. The big thing is getting adjusted to seeing the speed signs that read 130. I had a hard time not panicking in the beginning when the speedometer read 130/ 140, then my mind would readjust and calculate kilometers instead of miles. Not so bad!
after a few hours of driving we took a detour and stopped in Koblenz for lunch. Another pretty town (a little too touristy for my taste) and a great Turkish lunch.
Arrived in Baden-Baden around 5 that afternoon and checked into our room at the quaintest German Hotel with the gruffest German man I’d met in awhile. It was only temporary- he was harried from his day running his hotel and small beer garden that served a complete menu. He turned out to be a very nice man once he’d had a nights rest.
The next day we went into Baden-Baden proper to go to the spa and wander around the countryside and ogle the vineyards that are everywhere.
There is a lot more to tell you but I will give more details when we get back to the Netherlands. It is actually Saturday morning here- 9:19am and we are in Vianden, Luxembourg.
The town is beautiful and the Hotel Heinzt is probably one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen. And it is only considered a 2 star hotel. Pictures will come…

We’re off to climb up the path to see the castle, Buerg Veianen, and take the chair lift back down this morning. then we will get in the car and head to Maastricht, NL to stay overnight before we get into Terneuzen for Kris’s job. She has her first meetings starting Monday. I, on the other hand, will be working on the blog and exploring the city. Gotta catch up on washing clothes, finding nail polish remover in a Dutch store, and knockin’ about by myself.

Till next time,

Der Kölner Dom

Cologne Cathedral