I know I need to post some pictures but they will have to wait until we get settled in a town that isn’t so hectic. The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity that we’ve enjoyed immensely but are quite exhausting. Once you’ve figured out the semantics of the city you can get around on the bikes, trams, and various other ways of transport to your destinations. This is a fast moving city though and you better be on your toes to get out of the way of bikes and scooters if you happen to wander onto a bike path stuck in a crowd of tourists. This does not make the locals happy at all. We did it, everyone that is not from Amsterdam does it. A little stressful but kind of fun.

Just a quick list of what we’ve seen until I get a chance to really write some details later:

Went to Vondelpark, saw some beautiful church’s and a mosque, probably rode in every neighborhood in town because we were lost, visited the Red Light District which was not that impressive (LOL) and of course it wasn’t why we went there in the first place, toured the Hash, Marihuana, & Hemp Museum along with the Cannabis College- fascinating if I must say so myself, more church’s, and museums. Yesterday we ended with the Anne Frank House after the Dutch Resistance Fighters Museum. We decided next time to not tour two serious and overwhelming exhibits in one day. It was almost too much on an emotional level.

Today we went to the Floating Flower Market again and then popped over to tour the Heineken Brewery where we enjoyed extra cold bier at the end of the tour. I will definitely post the pics from there because the copper used in the brewing process is stunning as are the beautiful Clydesdale’s stabled at the back of the brewery. We saw them earlier this morning pulling a carriage while walking. I probably stared at those horses for ten minutes. Kris had to pull me away.

Early tomorrow we will hop a train at Central Station to Cologne, Germany and pick up a rental car so we can slowly knock about Western Germany. Tonight we pack up, find a little cafe, and go grab one more slow look at the beautifully lit canals of Amsterdam.

Peace and love till next time,

K & K