is almost killing us.

Today is the day we “leave on a jet plane” and we are rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off. Well, not quite. That was actually last night when we were packing everything into one smallish suitcase due to Europe’s Ryan Air weight and size requirements for when we hop their plane down to Italy after our visit in the upper area of Europe. I (Karen) have decided to go forego the traditional purse and have opted for a courier type bag that stores all of my essentials. Kris has an extremely lightweight backpack looking thing that can fold down into a pocket of clothing if needed. We also found on amazon little plastic see-through bags to carry basic stuff in while knock’n about. A few Euro coins, lip gloss, tissues, etc.- you know, STUFF. Maybe a piece of fruit for a light snack.

So anyway folks, we will be off soon. I will let you know we have arrived in the land of faraway when we have settled in on the houseboat in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Until then, Tot ziens!

k & k

P.S.: Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” song was in my head when I opened my eyes this morning so I thought it was an appropriate title for the trip. “Leaving on a jet plane” sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary is a song Kris and I have shared for many a year. We actually sung it to karaoke together a long time ago and yes, we are coming back home. It is just a great song and gets in your head sometimes like that one about a “backpack on your back.” Ok- I’ll stop while I’m ahead now. Ciao!