so this is the plan


After many hours of research and long discussions about the must-see’s and not so important doesn’t matter this trip, we have decided on an itinerary. The reservations have been made, money paid, etc. etc. etc.

Official itinerary of where we will lay our heads:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Baden-Baden, Germany

Vianden, Luxembourg

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Terneuzen, The Netherlands

Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Terneuzen, The Netherlands

Karlsruhe, Germany

Frankfort Hahn, Germany

Naples, Italy

Rome, Italy

When finished touring Amsterdam we will take a fast train to Frankfurt Hahn to pick up a rental car and we plan to stop in a few towns along the way to Baden-Baden. The towns include Cochem, Auchen, and Koblenz. After we leave Baden-Baden heading towards Luxembourg we will stop in Trier since it is on the border of Germany and Luxembourg. And yes, we are driving this part of the trip so we can knock about whenever the muse hits us as we wind along the roads close to the Rhein and Mosel rivers. However, when we leave for Italy from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport, we will fly on Ryan Airlines to Rome catching a train down to Naples (Napoli). I have no desire to attempt driving in the crowded big city streets of Italy. Besides, I like the thought of sitting back and enjoying the view from our window on a fast moving train.

Till next time,


in the beginning


It is important to explain a bit about the phrase “knockin’ about” so you understand what we do when we’re traveling. First, I’ll give you a definition found online on the Cambridge dictionary.

Knocking about: to be in a place which is not exactly known or in various places especially over a long period of time

Or better yet, here is another one from the Free Online dictionary site:

knock about, around vb

1. (intr, adverb) to wander about aimlessly
2. (intr, preposition) to travel about, esp as resulting in varied or exotic experience
      ie: he’s knocked about the world a bit
This is the gist of what we do when traveling around the United States and I doubt it will be much different when we tour Europe next month.
It is not always aimless because we usually have some semblance of an itinerary that we try to follow but sometimes we get off track and just knock about.
The beaten track that is. A road not always taken by others.
Till next time,